About me

About me

Photographer and artistic creative


Photographer and artistic creative.

Currently I live and work in Barcelona. I began my career in the world of photography as a fashion and advertising assistant in Hamburg, Germany, at the same time I carried out different workshops in the field of photographic communication, As well I was part of the weekly newspaper Wochenblatt as a reporter, then I returned to work as a photo-architecture assistant. Already at that time I had great interest in interior design and participate in several collaborations.
When I moved to Barcelona, I studied photography at the Grisart School of Photography, specializing in fashion and advertising. At the same time, I attended different courses, Photoespaña, masterclass of products and gastronomy ... Completing my studies, I became a travel reporter for German magazines " Geo Saison "and" Merian ".

As a result I participated in different exhibitions and contests. Therefore my works have been seen in diferents galleries around Europe.

Today, I currently work as a product photographer and interior consultant and I work with different interior designers.

My pasion for travel and see new and differents styles creates the mixture of intuition and chameleon technique that is what characterizes my work, which I have drunk from German tendencies and which also perfectly combines with my high degree of Latin creativity.

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